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Comedy with a female perspective marks debut of Cáca Dána

Sep 29 2016

Cáca Dána to make debut at Town Hall Theatre studio

A NEW Galway theatre company, Cáca Dána, takes a bow in the Town Hall studio next month with All The World’s A Cage, an original one-act comedy, with a distinctly female perspective, devised and written by the company.

Cáca Dána are Katie Reid, Niamh Ryan, Marie Hegarty, and Dara O’Donnell, all graduates of NUI Galway’s drama and theatre studies programme. “We all studied and acted together in college and decided we wanted to do our own work,” Reid tells me over an afternoon coffee. “Niamh, Marie, and myself act in the show and Dara is our production manager. Our goal is to have more female voices onstage to talk about the things we feel aren’t talked about too much, and to have a woman’s perspective on theatre. It’s really nice to have four women working together to make theatre in Galway. That’s something we all care about.”

"All The World’s A Cage is a really fun comic play that also subtly assesses the role of women in society and the workplace,” Reid states. “It features three girls stuck in their living room hiding from the TV licence inspector because they don’t have the money to pay him. Two of the girls want to be actors and the other wants to be an engineer. The plot isn’t the main focus of the play; in the hour they are stuck in the room they talk about their own situations, why they don’t have the money for the TV licence, why they feel they are at an interval period in their lives, and how they got there.

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