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The Queen Has Vanished – a play about loss and hope

Oct 06 2016

Belgium's Kopergietery to bring family show to Baboró festival

THE BABORÓ International Children's Festival is just a couple of weeks away and one of the top attractions will be the Flemish ensemble Kopergietery, one of Europe’s most exciting theatre companies, with its original play, The Queen Has Vanished, a beautiful story that speaks about loss, sadness and hope.

The play presents a story of a kingdom where fate has struck and the queen has disappeared. Now the king is grieving, the jesters have fled, and the princess is waiting for the thaw to set in. It is a heart-touchingly tender tale of sadness and the hope that sorrow will pass, a play that shows that even when we feel all is lost, we can still dare to believe all will be fine again.

Visually evocative and rich in music, The Queen Has Vanished was scripted by Anna Vercammenm, who also performs. It also features musician/composer Joeri Cnapelinckx and live illustrations by Sabien Clements, one of Belgium’s most famous children’s illustrators.

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