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Apr 21 2017

We are using play to explore a darker world

Children are interested in the same ideas as adults, the director of ‘Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore’ says. You just have to present them the right way

The last time I saw Tim Crouch in Dublin was at the 2010 Dublin Theatre Festival, where he was performing in his 2009 play The Author, a deeply disturbing exposure of the banality of evil. Crouch, who regularly manipulates ideas of authenticity in both the performance and the text of his work, was “using my own name and wearing my own clothes and performing as myself, but everything I said was fictional and scripted”. The effect was disturbing, provocative and deeply effective in communicating the idea that “abusers look like me, talk like me, that they are regular people just like me, the kind of people you might not even notice”. 


Read the full article on the Irish Times website.

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