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Apr 21 2017

Have I No Mouth

The opening to Brokentalkers', “Have I No Mouth” does not bode well. Once you’ve settled into your seat, a patronising psychotherapist sets about getting everyone grounded with a mindfulness exercise. Wonderful. Nearby, a Reiki spiritualist, new-age mother talks to her 39-year-old, still living at home son, a self-confessed exponent of really poor video art which he feels compelled to force on everyone. Utterly riveting. They psychobabble for a bit about death and the hereafter, discussing their conflicting experiences surrounding two deaths in the family; the death of her child, and his brother, Sean, who lived for 15 hours, and of another Sean, husband to her, father to him. Isn’t this sounding like just the best show ever. If ever there was a case of don't be too quick to judge on first impressions, this is it. For “Have I No Mouth” is indeed a wonderful, utterly riveting production, and a serious contender for Brokentalkers' best show ever.

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