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May 18 2017

Sexy, outrageous, unclassifiable Galway Burlesque Festival 2017

FROM THE sexy to the outrageous, from the traditional to the utterly unclassifiable, the 2017 Galway Burlesque Festival has it all, as burlesque performers from across the world will be strutting their fabulously wonderful stuff in the city next week.

The first Galway Burlesque Festival took place in September 2015 and after a break last year, makes a welcome return with a revised format. "We have changed the festival from last time," explains hoop dancer and burlesque performer Shir Madness, who is co-producing this year'e event with producer, promoter, DJ, MC, and Irish branch director of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School, Scarlett Nymph.

"Previously all the shows were competitions and each night had a specific theme. So while the first night is for new comers and the second night is for more experience performers, overall this time we are mixing the styles of performers so that within each show there is more diversity."


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