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Jun 08 2017

The strong, wise Juno and the boozy spoofer Paycock

ONE OF the all-time great Irish plays, Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey, looks set to thrill Galway audiences from Wednesday June 21 to Sunday 25 in an exciting joint production by Galway Community Theatre and the Town Hall Theatre, under the trusty direction of Andrew Flynn.

First staged by the Abbey Theatre in 1924, O’Casey’s play tells the story of the Boyle family who live in a crowded Dublin tenement during the Civil War. Jack Boyle is the self-styled ‘Captain’ and eponymous ‘Paycock’ who works hard to avoid work by skiving in Foley’s bar with constant side-kick Joxer Daly. Jack’s wife Juno is the breadwinner and powerhouse, but she’s surrounded by a family who scarcely deserve her.

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