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Jun 20 2017

Sex, wire, wood, junk and jollity

Exhibition Review: Margaret Nolan and James Fleming at the Town Hall Theatre

SCULPTURE AND sex, wire and wood, junk and jollity, all combine to lively and pleasurable effect in the Town Hall bar’s art exhibition by Margaret Nolan and James Fleming.

Nolan’s mixed-media images and sculptures continue her recent Rapture series which both romps in carnality and considers it calmly. Her small scale close-up drawings focusing on individual body parts or couplings are rendered in candy-bright shades.

“I didn’t want to use flesh tones” she told me when I asked about this. “I chose five vibrant colours. I thought flesh tones would make them voyeuristic. The colours I chose were more about the expression, the sexual moment. I did the drawings first, I used to draw every day, not really knowing how they were going to be. Then after a few months drawing I knew it was time to paint and make sculpture, I guess they were kind of research.”


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