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Jun 29 2017

Camille O’Sullivan on GIAF 17’s Woyzeck in Winter

'You can be more dark, more beautiful, more scared.'

CAMILLE O’SULLIVAN loves that line in Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’ - “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”, that even in the darkest recesses of life and art, some hope will be found, light will always break through, to, if not banish the dark, then at least to light the path through it.

Woyzeck In Winter, a major new production fusing two separate works - Georg Büchner’s 1836 play Woyzeck, and Schubert's 24 song cycle, Die Winterreise, written in 1823/4 - will receive its world premiere at the 2017 Galway International Arts Festival.

While the works are unrelated they make natural bedfellows; both dealing with doomed romance, heartbreak, mental illness, and lives ruined and destroyed. Woyzeck is a poor soldier who earns extra money for his family through menial jobs and participation in bizarre medical experiments. Brutalised by society and consumed with jealousy, he descends into despair, and finally, a desperate, violent, act. Die Winterreise dramatises a heartbroken obsessive, staggering miserably through the winter wastes towards his own destruction.


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