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Jul 20 2017

Art has no borders but it does have edges

“You have spent 40 years celebrating the arts and girl, you are aging well!” says artist John Gerrard

The 40th Galway International Arts Festival got off to a flying start on Monday at the Black Box Theatre with the world premiere of Woyzeck In Winter, Conall Morrison’s daring fusion of Büchner and Schubert.

From the moment Rosaleen Linehan enters amid falling snow, with her haunting, eerie, song ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’, Morrison’s A-list cast deliver in spades. These include Barry McGovern [photographed below with Barry McGovern and Medb Ruane] as the doctor who uses Woyzeck for medical experiments, Peter Coonan as the preening and priapic Drum Major and Rory Nolan as the brash barker.


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