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Sep 14 2017

TEDx returns to Town Hall

Eight speakers and ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’

TEDxGALWAY, a local gathering where live TED-like talks, returns to the Town Hall Theatre next week. The event’s aim is to be a shining light for all that is noteworthy, challenging, and thought-provoking in Galway.

Planned and co-ordinated by a volunteer committee, they are committed to delivering the TEDx agenda of making great ideas accessible and sparking conversation. This year’s event will include an exciting line up of engaging and inspiring ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ and will explore topics such as: the necessity for greener cities; using culture to make better art; the practical application of emotional intelligence; universities entering the twilight zone; improving renewable energy in our communities; using spider venom to make therapeutic drugs; why people are becoming less intelligent; as well as a fun interactive TEDx talk that will demonstrate that everyone can sing!


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