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Sep 14 2017

On being King Of The Castle

Sean McGinley returns to Druid in Eugene McCabe’s classic

SEAN MCGINLEY, a stalwart of Druid’s early days, makes a welcome return to the company for the first time in eleven years, when he takes the lead role in Eugene McCabe’s powerful drama, King Of The Castle.

First staged in the 1964 Dublin Theatre Festival, which also saw the premiere of Philadelphia, Here I Come!, McCabe’s unflinching play centres on Scober McAdam, owner of a once glorious Big House in Leitrim with an extensive farm. He has a young wife, Tressa, but their marriage is childless and frustrated. When rumours threaten Scober’s pride, he concocts a plan that jeopardises all he has worked for.

These days, Sean McGinley is best known for his sterling work in television and film but, chatting to me at the end of a day’s rehearsal, he says he still feels excited about coming back to work with Druid. “I do get a buzz from it, it’s a great place to work and not least it gets me back to Galway for a while," he tells me. "Galway never leaves you wherever you go in the world. Even though I haven’t worked with Druid for over ten years I have been to see most things they have done and I have stayed in contact with what’s gone on there and the people there. It’s such a lean organisation it can do anything it wants; it can have an idea and execute it and it is just a lovely place to work.”


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