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Oct 05 2017

Experiencing Peter Pan anew at Baboró

A show for families about adults who need to rediscover their imagination and inner child

THE BABORÓ International Arts Festival for Children gets underway in less than two weeks’ time and one of the must-see shows is The Peter Pan Experience by acclaimed Dutch company Het Laagland.

Het Laagland, whose name translates as ‘the lowland’, was formed in 2001 and the company creates theatre shows for the whole family. Under the wings of artistic director Inèz Derksen, her vision faithfully shaped by conceptual artist, writer and stage designer Bas Zuyderland, the company has acquired an international reputation for its work and garnered rave review from critics and audiences alike.

The Peter Pan Experience is a quirky, very funny and richly imaginative production that will delight viewers of all ages. It unfolds on a stage filled with nightstands and floor lights. This is Neverland, a twilight zone between dreaming and waking. Anything could happen here. Anything you can see or can imagine. If you are not able to do that anymore, your invisible host Peter Pan is there to help you to find it again. Five adults who have lost their imagination are dropped into Neverland where they experience the adventure of their lives.


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