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Oct 19 2017

My mission is to keep it funny

She has achieved renown as an actress, author, comedian, script editor, and memorable interviewer of celebrities but in recent years Ruby Wax has become best known as a highly articulate, yet still witty, mental health campaigner.

In two weeks’ time she visits the Town Hall Theatre with her latest solo show, Frazzled; a Guide to Mindfulness which offers a candid, entertaining and insightful guide into achieving saner living in a stressful world.

Wax was born in Illinois; both her parents had fled Austria to escape the Nazis. An only child, her home life was rendered fraught by her mother’s obsessive compulsive disorder and her father’s occasional outbursts of violence. As a teenager, to get away from them, she went to the UK and enrolled in drama school. She went on to work extensively onstage with Alan Rickman and, in 1978, joined the RSC. In the 1980s she broke through into television where she starred in Girls On Top, script edited Absolutely Fabulous, and interviewed the likes of Madonna and Imelda Marcos. While outwardly she seemed the hugely successful go-getter reaping kudos and rewards a-plenty; unknown to the public she also suffered acutely from depression.


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