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Oct 26 2017

This Beach - a sharp satire on refugee crisis

'We sat down and wrote a satire essentially about western xenophobia'

MUCH ACCLAIMED, multi-award winning, Dublin company Brokentalkers make a welcome return to Galway with This Beach, a blistering satire of white western privileged attitudes to Europe’s refugee crisis.

The action unfolds on a private beach owned for generations by a wealthy European family. They are celebrating a wedding when, in the midst of the festivities, a stranger arrives unexpectedly on their shore, and the family must decide how to deal with this unexpected incomer.

As the sand in This Beach is dug into and the past is excavated on stage, the beach becomes in turn an appealing leisure amenity, a valuable possession, a site of invasion, and a theatre of war. This Beach is sharply written and keenly observed, incorporating Brokentalkers' trademark style of telling stories of social importance in an innovative way.


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