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Dec 07 2017

Galway Actors Workshop to stage Middletown in the Town Hall studio

MIDDLETOWN, THE beguiling comedy-drama by American author Will Eno wil be staged in the Town Hall Studio from tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday, by the Galway Actors Workshop.

A seasonal affirmation of the sacredness of ordinary existence and a reminder that asking unanswerable questions is part of what makes us human, the play is set in the fictional town of Middletown, which has a library, a hospital, a monument, and a population prone to pondering the mysteries of birth, death, and all that lies in between. By turns hilarious and tragic, the story unfolds as a series of vignettes depicting the burgeoning friendship between two lonely outsiders and the very ordinary redemption of one of the town’s lost souls.

The play is directed by Sarah O’Toole and last weekend she sat with me to tell me what drew her to it and to delve further into its many delights. “I first read it in NUIG I loved it, I thought it was really unusual and it stayed in my mind,” she begins. “I felt it was a good one to do with Galway Actors Workshop because it has a lot of potential for characterisation, dialogue, monologues, and ensemble work.


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