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Dec 14 2017

Jenni Flaherty and Daniel Boyne are Beauty and The Beast

Renmore Panto returns to the Town Hall Theatre for nineteen performances

THIS YEAR'S Renmore pantomime, Beauty and The Beast, opens at the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday December 30, and promises to be a spectacular adventure of laughter, music, and song.

As ever, the show is scripted by panto dame Peter Kennedy and directed by Sean and Brian Power and this winning team is poised to deliver yet another seasonal cracker.

King Duncan (David Booth ) and Queen Mathilda (Marsha Maly ) arrive in the Kingdom of Renmore in search of their son, Prince Duncan Jr (Daniel Boyne ). Little do they know he has been turned into a Beast by the wicked Witch Evileena (Ellie Davis ) because he refused to marry her. The Beast's only hope is to find true love before the Rose petals fade. Along comes Potty Peter (Michael Cooney ) who steals a red rose from Beast’s garden to bring to his beautiful daughter, Belle (Jenni Flaherty ). Beast is outraged by the theft and keeps Potty Peter captive, only releasing him in exchange for Belle. But will Belle see past Beast’s fearsome exterior to the noble soul within?


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