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Jan 25 2018

Alison Spittle - Worrier Princess

The star of Nowehere Fast brings her solo stand-up show to the Town Hall Theatre

ALISON SPITTLE, one of the most popular of a new generation of Irish comedians is, as well as being very funny, also a terrible worrier. She worries so much she's decided to do a show about it. Now she's worried about making it a good show.

Alison, the star and writer of RTE's Nowhere Fast, brings her new stand-up show, Worrier Princess, to the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday February 10 at 8.30pm. Her comedy has been described as "spectacular in a beautifully surreal way” by the Irish Independent; while Alison has been called "a likeable combination of openness and chortling mischief" by The Scotsman and "a kind of genius" by The Irish Times.



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