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Feb 01 2018

Actor Simon Coury on Decadent Theatre Company’s Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

'It’s about what human beings can be, and can be for each other'

DECADENT THEATRE Company is set to revisit one of its most acclaimed productions, Frank McGuinness’s Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, in a new staging, directed by Andrew Flynn, at the Town Hall Theatre.

McGuinness’s play is inspired by the story of Brian Keenan’s lengthy captivity in Beirut. It focuses on three hostages in a Lebanese cell: an Irish journalist, an English academic, and an American doctor. The men do not know whether they will live or die which brings into stark relief their inner resilience and instinct to survive.

The hostages struggle for survival while also overcoming their personal differences. They strive to continue to experience emotion. They laugh, they cry, they re-create scenes from movies, they write letters home, they constantly re-invent themselves to keep the boredom and oppression at bay. McGuinness brilliantly blends reality and fantasy, comedy and tragedy, to fashion a riveting theatrical experience. When Brian Keenan saw the play he wrote to McGuinness saying he was amazed at how close it was to his own actual experiences.


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