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Apr 12 2018

Getting ‘out there’ with Milton Jones

Tousel-haired laughmeister brings new show to the Town Hall Theatre

TOUSLE-HAIRED laughmeister Milton Jones brings his unique brand of comic brilliance to Galway next week when he performs his new show, Milton Jones is Out There at the Town Hall Theatre.

Milton Jones is Out There is a manifesto of nonsense and the perfect antidote to the world’s troubles. If this master of the one-liner were running for prime minister, or even taoiseach, would the world be a worse place? The answer is a unanimous yes, but we will not let that put us off. The Surrey born comedian will be holding up the mirror of truth to society, and he can see right through it, which probably means it is just a window. He will also be putting his foot down and lifting the lid on the media’s pedal bin of lies. This is family-friendly, finely-crafted, comedy at its best from one of the legends of the UK comedy scene.


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