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May 03 2018

Body positivity is a big part of burlesque

Looking forward to the Galway Burlesque Festival with Shir Madness

IT IS almost that time of the year again when tassles are twirled and booties are shaken in the joyously sexy jamboree of Galway Burlesque Festival. Now in its third year, this feast of frisky fun takes place from May 18 to 20 and, as ever, promises lots of teasing thrills and thrilling teases.

Ahead of the festival, founder and burlesque artiste supreme Shir Madness sat down with me to reveal what audiences can expect from this year’s programme. I began by asking how she got into burlesque and what she gets out of it as a performer. “The first burlesque show I saw was in Galway in 2012, in the Fringe Festival,” she replies. “The act was Les Hot Culottes and it was just so wonderful and fun and it inspired me. I’d already been Hula Hooping for a couple of years and I began to incorporate the theatricality, humour, and sexiness of burlesque into that. What I get from burlesque is a lot of joy. It’s also a great way to convey a message, and in the last few years my burlesque has got more political.”


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