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May 10 2018

Blue Teapot's Lughnasa 'all about integration and inclusion'

BRIAN FRIEL'S masterpiece, Dancing At Lughnasa, is one of the greatest and best loved Irish plays, and this month at the Town Hall, Blue Teapot presents a uniquely authentic production, featuring Jennifer Cox, an actor with an intellectual disability, as Rose; exactly as she was written and a milestone first for Irish theatre.

Set in County Donegal in 1936, during the harvest festival of Lughnasa, this powerful play takes you on a compelling journey of a family unravelling. The Mundy sisters’ lives are precariously balanced with Kate the only real breadwinner in the house. The return of their brother missionary priest Father Jack back from Uganda after 25 years is anticipated by the sisters with the hope of restoring their standing in the small community.


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