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Jul 12 2018

Mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty on playing the lead role in Orfeo ed Euridice

Opera has been well ahead of the Zeitgeist in embracing gender fluidity

IT WAS the chance purchase of a recording of Orfeo ed Euridice which led PE teacher Sharon Carty on a path that has seen her become one of Ireland’s finest mezzo-sopranos, performing across Europe to great acclaim. This year, she takes the lead role in the opera where, for her, it all began.

Galway audiences will be familiar with Sharon from her previous performances at Music For Galway, and at last year’s Galway International Arts Festival appearance, in Enda Walsh’s Second Violinist - an extraordinary, forward-looking fusion of opera, absurdist theatre, and multi-media.

Second Violinist was truly unlike anything I’d ever done before, and I suspect will ever do again,” Sharon says. “It was a really special show. The piece itself was just very different. The biggest difference was that the composer wrote the vocal parts with our voices in mind, that’s very rare for an opera singer, usually the composers have been dead for hundreds of years!”


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