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Aug 23 2018

Ken Rogan on his hit play Hero

"THIS IS a man’s world/but it don’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl," James Brown famously sang and it is a view probably shared by Smithy, the protagonist of Ken Rogan’s acclaimed comedy-drama, Hero, which is coming to the Town Hall Theatre.

Presented by Rogan’s own Lakedaemon company, in association with Theatre Upstairs, Hero is about a man’s struggles with love. Life quickly grows more complicated for Smithy (Daithí Mac Suibhne, who plays Emmet O’Brien in Fair City ) after a chance encounter with Marissa. This is one man's hilarious, down to earth odyssey through love, ankle injuries and what happens when you don't know how to lose.

Hero is Rogan’s debut play and when I interviewed him ahead of its Galway visit I first asked about his previous writing experiences. “I’ve worked in journalism, media, and public relations,” he replies. “As regards writing for the stage, in 2011 I joined a group called The Brown Bread Mixtape and began writing sketch comedy. I was with them for three or four years, and then started writing my own stand up comedy, but I found being on stage somewhat difficult, so I became more focused on the writing. I wrote a sketch show called Seachtain agus Awe and I did fund, write, and produce a short movie. I learned a lot from doing all of those and then I eventually sat down and wrote Hero.”


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