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Aug 30 2018

Jimmy’s Hall - The Abbey’s rollicking céilí play

The Fall's Richard Clements to take on the role of Jimmy Gralton, the only Irishman ever deported from his own country

A HIGHLIGHT of the Town Hall’s autumn programme is the September visit of the Abbey Theatre with its rollicking stage adaptation of Ken Loach's critically acclaimed film, Jimmy’s Hall.

Jimmy's Hall tells the true story of Leitrim farmer Jimmy Gralton, the only Irishman deported from his own country for his political beliefs. His crime was to build a dancehall where he encouraged the local community to learn, to argue, and to dream, as well as dance and have fun. As the hall grew in popularity its free-spirited reputation aroused the ire of the church and politicians who forced Jimmy to flee and the hall to close.

A decade later, at the height of the Depression, Jimmy returns from the US. The hall stands abandoned but as Jimmy sees the poverty and growing oppression in the village, the activist within him is stirred. He decides to reopen the hall, and so takes on the established authorities of the church and the government. The Abbey production is directed by Graeme McLaren and sees Jimmy Gralton played by Bangor actor Richard Clements, who featured in The Fall with Gillian Anderson.

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