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Sep 27 2018

Mystic Time Bird is my best show yet

Flight Of The Conchords' Rhys Darby is primed for Vodafone Comedy Carnival

AMONG THE flock of fab comics winging their way to Galway for next month’s Vodafone Comedy Carnival is New Zealander Rhys Darby, best known as Murray from HBO’s Flight Of The Conchords and Steve in Wrecked.

Since moving to the US seven years ago, Darby has featured in a plethora of TV shows and films, from The X-Files and Voltron: Legendary Defender to A Series of Unfortunate Events and Jumanji. For all of his onscreen success, Rhys is never far from his stand-up roots. His live show is a sensational blend of sound effects, wacky characterizations, and askew observations.

At the Comedy Carnival, Darby presents his latest show, Mystic Time Bird, which will also be recorded live at the Town Hall Theatre for future DVD release. In the show, he turns to the world of ancient mysticism to find answers to life’s problems. In doing so, Rhys learns he may have been a bird in a past life, and this information takes him - and the audience - on a unique, unforgettable, and hilarious journey of discovery and zaniness.


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