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Sep 27 2018

Actor Derbhle Crotty

I don't think you can approach anything without having as a consideration the representation of women

The Mai is a richly-woven story of four generations of women in one midlands family. At the centre of the household is The Mai, a 40-year-old woman torn between her wayward husband and her family’s happiness in a play that brims with passion and poetry, love and lyricism, heartache and hope.

First produced by the Abbey at the 1994 Dublin Theatre Festival, it comes to Galway in a production by Decadent theatre, directed by Andrew Flynn. The role of The Mai is taken by Derbhle Crotty, one of Ireland’s finest actors and one with a special affinity for the work of the play's author, Marina Carr.

Last week, the day after The Mai opened in Cork’s Everyman Theatre, Crotty took time out to chat with me about the play and her work. “It was great to finally put the play in front of an audience,” she declares of the previous night’s show. “They were very responsive and it is beautiful to finally hear the whole play. When you’re rehearsing you can become focused on small sections of it but you get the whole picture when it’s in front of an audience. They were pleased and we were pleased.”


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