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Oct 25 2018

James Joyce meets Italia ’90 in Portrait of the Artist

A modern re-interpretation of Joyce's classic novel of "rebellion and the search for artistic self-expression"

ROUGH MAGIC Theatre Company hit the Town Hall Theatre next week with Arthur Riordan’s vibrant version of James Joyce’s Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. Stephen Dedalus's spiritual rebellion and restless search for artistic self-expression becomes a thrilling theatrical odyssey, which The Irish Times called a "fast-paced, fun and refreshingly unconventional".

The play’s ‘unconventional’ approach is immediately apparent in its modern-dress take on the novel. “We wanted to do a contemporary production that makes an argument for the timelessness of the book,” director Ronan Phelan tells me. “We also wanted to make the show as accessible as possible to people who are coming to it now, over a hundred years after it was written. There can be an apprehension about coming to Joyce for the first time; he is a prestige writer up on a pedestal and that can be daunting for people so we wanted to make the show available to everyone who comes to see it.


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