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Nov 05 2018

Soldier Still - “dark, arresting, violent, moving”

Former Irish Army captain, Tom Clonan, on how the show gave him a 'chance to look at myself and see that young man who never came back'

INSPIRED BY interviews with current and former soldiers from the Irish Defence Forces, the British army, and survivors of the Bosnian war, Soldier Still, the critically acclaimed new production by Junk Ensemble, is coming to Galway next week.

A beautiful and haunting tale of trauma, it explores the after effect of war, the retirement of a soldier and the indelible traces left behind. A combination of dance, theatre, and gorgeous design performed by four exceptional dancers and former Irish Army captain, Dr Tom Clonan, the production is a poetic and human perspective of the impact of violence. Blending movement, text, music, real stories and real people, Soldier Still explores the vulnerability, the viciousness and the trauma of violence.

Ahead of this acclaimed show’s Galway visit, Tom Clonan spoke with me about its content, beginning with how he got involved in the production. “I was an army officer and went to Lebanon in 1995, which was a very violent deployment," he said. "It culminated in a punitive operation by the Israelis which saw several massacres in the Irish area of operations, so myself and other Irish personnel spent weeks taking dead men, women, and children out of buildings destroyed by missile strikes and helicopter gunship attacks. I never really dealt with that experience; I came back home and buried it.


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