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Nov 22 2018

Playwright Philip Doherty on his play, Pilgrim, coming to the Town Hall Theatre

'Rex’s performance is electric and the response has been overwhelming'

HAILED AS "a beautiful portrait of young Irish manhood," by the Sunday Independent, and a "one-man show whirlwind," by the Edinburgh Reporter, Philip Doherty’s acclaimed drama, Pilgrim, starring Rex Ryan, comes to the Town Hall next week.

Pilgrim is the hilarious and moving tale of a young Irishman on a journey home for the birth of his son. Christopher Reilly's flight from California is suddenly grounded in Newfoundland following the attack on the Twin Towers. Thousands of refugees from every culture and creed descend upon the doorsteps of Newfoundland villages like Gambo. In this surreal world, Christopher embarks on an odyssey of redemption that is both arresting and comic.

Ahead of Pilgrim’s Galway visit, author Philip Doherty spoke with me about the play and began by revealing that it originated in a true tale from a 9/11 traveller. “I used to work in a hotel bar and a Scottish guy living in the hotel told me how he was on a flight to the US on 9/11 which was re-directed to Newfoundland," he says. "They landed in this tiny airport along with other planes from all over the world.


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