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Nov 29 2018

Villagers to play Black Box in December

Band to perform tracks from triumphant new album The Art Of Pretending To Swim.

IT IS possibly the most surprising declaration to open any Irish album, certainly this year, or of any year in recent times: "I've found again, the space in my heart again, for God again, in the form of art again."

This is from 'Again', the opening track on Villagers latest album, The Art Of Pretending To Swim (Domino ). Given we live in am increasingly secular Ireland, such an unapologetic announcement of faith bucks the trend, especially when the artist has previously admitted agnosticism and atheism in the past. "I have this strong urge to believe," Conor O'Brien said. "Call it love, togetherness, God, whatever. But you can’t argue with faith, which is a terrifying prospect! Though there’s a lot of beauty in it too.”


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