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Mar 21 2019

Part of the Furniture

Niall Buggy on the return of Druid’s hit comedy

ONE OF the highlights of last year’s Galway International Arts Festival was Druid’s production of Sonya Kelly’s scintillating comedy, Furniture. A big hit with critics and audiences, it makes a welcome return to the Town Hall Theatre next month as part of a national tour.

Comprising three short two-handers, all revolving around an item of furniture, Kelly’s play has lots of laugh-out loud moments, zinger lines, sharp insights, and moments of touching tenderness. “When we furnish our home we mark our territory and a huge underlying theme of the play is about physical territory and emotional territory,” Kelly [pictured below with director Cathal Cleary] observes of Furniture. “We decorate our territories with furniture. The furniture itself doesn’t know it exists, sometimes it travels on without us and we don’t know.”


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