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May 17 2019

Writer/director John Murphy discusses Smallone

'The play has been hugely emotive for audiences'

Smallone Introduces us to a solitary, ageing woman, Mingey, who loves her cats, Peru, and Club Milks. She hates Sunday Mass-ones, mangy mutts, and papery sausages. She is feisty and mischievous and has a heart full of love.

She guards her privacy like a treasure. She refuses to be cowed by other people’s view of her or surrender to the sadness she sometimes feels. This is Smallone, the tender and moving play, which Limerick’s Bottom Dog Theatre Company is bringing to the Town Hall Theatre.

“Mingey is one of these people that we can see any day of the week walking around our local town, or she could be someone in our family or a neighbour,” playwright John Murphy tells me. “She’s someone who has gotten a little lost. When we look at them they might be dressed a bit strange or be a bit smelly. She has found herself isolated by her own life. When I was growing up there’d always be a strange woman who lived on her own and we’d be afraid of. The play explores how somebody becomes like that and what their lives are and how we tend to judge them without knowing them. It peers behind the curtain of her life and we slowly get to know her and understand her and, hopefully, like her.”


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