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Jul 11 2019

Stephanie Dufresne on being part of Least Like The Other

'Rosemary’s story is still incredibly relevant'

THE OPENING show of this year’s Galway International Arts Festival is the Irish National Opera and GIAF co-production of Least Like The Other, which explores the tragic life of JFK’s eldest sister Rosemary Kennedy.

Created by Irish composer Brian Irvine and virtuoso director Netia Jones, the show evokes the privileged Kennedy world of Rosemary’s upbringing and how her life was blighted by the disastrous lobotomy she was subjected to at the age of 23.

Least Like The Other’s cast features Galway's Stephanie Dufresne, alongside Ronan Leahy and soprano Naomi Louisa O’Connell. During a break in rehearsal, Dusfresne spoke with me about the thrill of being part of this show and bringing it to GIAF.


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