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Jul 17 2019

Searching for Rosemary Kennedy review: Deeply moving

The gut-wrenching, experimental telling of the story of JFK’s hidden sister

This is deeply disturbing art, and deeply moving and humbling. The way it hits you goes well beyond the gut-wrenching details of its now long-ago true story. Instead, it does that thing that good art so fluently does: make us reflect critically on ourselves. And it’s good art in the form of opera, but with no opera pedigree required: anyone could be left breathless by this.

With tremendous power, Least Like the Other produces this response even though it avoids simply converting an already compelling story into a traditional operatic narrative. This was a conscious decision by its co-creators – composer Brian Irvine and director/designer/video designer Netia Jones – partly because they knew indulging the sensational would detract from its enormous themes, and partly because material relating to what actually happened was very hard to come by.


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