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Oct 10 2019

Facing the Beast with Reginald D Hunter

Comedian to tackle Brexit, family, race, gender, and Anglo-American relations at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival 2019

AMONG THE headliners of the upcoming Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway 2019 is Reginald D Hunter with his new show, Facing the Beast and Niggas, which finds him at his controversial and comical best.

In the show he talks candidly and hilariously about such topics as Brexit, his family, race, gender, and Anglo-American relations in a well-crafted fusion of sharp anecdotes and dark humour. Ahead of his Galway visit, Hunter chewed the fat with me over a morning phone call, when I began by asking how it was that he ended up making Britain his home 20 years after landing there from the USA.


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