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Oct 25 2019

There has been too much brushing under the carpet

NEW GALWAY theatre company, Omnium Productions, makes its bow in the Town Hall Theatre studio next week with the world premiere of Bernard Field’s provocative play, Shroud.

Shroud dramatises the cover-ups, cruelty, and lies behind the Catholic Church's handling of those clergy who abused children. It is a gripping tale that asks profound questions, not only of priests and bishops, but of society as a whole.

Author Bernard Field, who also directs the play, outlines Shroud’s storyline; “It’s a difficult subject matter because it does revolve around the Catholic Church’s response to clerical child sex abuse. The plot centres on Father Jonathan, a priest who has abused a child and been placed in an institution for his rehabilitation by the Church. The Church then get word that he’s had some sort of mental breakdown and is planning to come back to his old parish where he wants to confess his sins to the congregation. A character called Bishop Victor arrives in the parish to intercept him and prepare the resident priest, Father Martin, for when Father Jonathan turns up.”


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