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Jan 17 2020

The hijacker, the Third Secret of Fatima, and a right Holy Show

Hit comedy play about 1981 Flight 164 hijacking comes to the Town Hall Theatre

In the history of aeroplane hijackings – a common occurrence during the 1970s and early 1980s – few are as bizarre and as eccentric as the hijacking of Aer Lingus Flight 164.

On May 2 1981, the plane was on a flight from Dublin to London with more than 100 passengers on board. As it approached Heathrow, just five minutes before it was to land, a 55-year-old Australian named Laurence James Downey went into the toilet and doused himself in petrol. He then went to the cockpit and demanded the captain divert to Le Touquet – Côte d'Opale Airport in northern France, refuel there, and then fly to Tehran.


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