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Don't Stop The Flames


#DontStopTheFlames is a series of 8 exceptional short films about lives and hopes and dreams in the post-Covid world. The films in this project were shot over the last 6 months, in Scotland and Japan. Presented by Tricky Hat and The Flames in partnership with PLAY ART! SENDAI, #DontStopTheFlames is supported by Creative Scotland and British Council - facilitated by Scottish Government - and Sendai Cultural Fund.

The films emerged from devised sessions by Tricky Hat and The Flames, its dynamic over-50s performance company, and reflect their stories, hopes and dreams. The films cover a range of highly relatable subjects, from a gentle exploration of living with a mother with dementia, and finding solace in gardens, to stories of extreme emotions and a domestic noir about falling to bits. #DontStopTheFlames demonstrates Tricky Hat’s importance in the creative world with The Flames, shattering preconceptions of ageing and leading the way in digital upskilling.

Tricky Hat offered one-to-one and group workshops on Zoom, and worked hard to give The Flames a focus, helping them to feel supported during such challenging times. Many of The Flames raged against the digital world pre Covid, but some were given iPads and training to film themselves, some were filmed at a social distance, but they were all at home and telling their stories about a new way of living. Says Director Fiona Miller, “Under normal circumstances, we do all of our devising in person. However, a lot of our work is now done digitally, or from a social distance if meeting in person is possible. Trying out different methods of working has allowed us to be creative in new ways.”

All films in this series can be found in the showcase here

The films are free to view – #DontStopTheFlames has already been viewed across the world, from USA to Japan, and Canada to New Zealand. Individual links to the films can be found below.


A film in 2 parts:

HUG uses choreography to explore the lack of human connection in lockdown

HUG ME The Flames offer their own interpretations of human contact in recent times


A domestic noir

Is it me?

In this time of reimagining, The Flames look at how they fit into the lives they have now


“In here, it is almost possible to convince yourself that all is right with the world”

Ironing With Betty

A gentle exploration of living with Betty who has dementia

?(Umi) and the Sea

“I went to the sea today and looked out at it

I wanted to forget about that painful earthquake

Today the sea was kind”


Stories of extreme emotions and situations


Friends chat about their walking rituals


You can see all Tricky Hat’s work here:


#DontStopTheFlames is presented by Tricky Hat and The Flames. This project is supported by Creative Scotland and British Council, facilitated by Scottish Government. The project on the Japanese side is being implemented by PLAY ART! SENDAI for the Sendai Cultural Programme 2020, and is co-sponsored by Sendai Cultural Foundation and Sendai City.

Tricky Hat is a Glasgow-based theatre company which takes a multimedia approach to participatory and professional work. It makes theatre with and about people who live on the margins of society, and works with them to find a creative and credible voice to create high quality, collaborative, cross-arts events, with established artists.

The Flames - Tricky Hat’s performance company - works with over-50s across Scotland and beyond creating performances based on their own stories, hope and dreams.

#DontStopTheFlames’ creative team at Tricky Hat Productions: Director Fiona Miller, Audio Visual Design Kim Beveridge, Music Mick Slaven, Dance Artist Aya Kobayashi.

Twitter: @tricky_hat_
Facebook: @trickyhatproductions
Instagram: @wearetrickyhat