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Following the Government announcement of 28 May, theatres and cinemas are permitted to reopen from 7 June with a maximum attendance of 50 patrons. Read our full COVID update

Patron Donation Awards 2021

Patron Donation Awards 2021


Town Hall Theatre Galway is seeking support for its Annual Patron Donation Awards to support the development and creation of work by artists in Galway. All income from donations received will be invested in the Awards.

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Town Hall Theatre Invites Applications for 2021 Patron Donation Awards

Town Hall Theatre Galway is inviting applications for its 2021 Patron Donation Awards from artists, companies or producers based in Galway (City or County). We welcome project proposals from across disciplines, which present work in dynamic and innovative ways and which may forge new partnerships and collaborations. The purpose of the Awards is to support applicants to research, develop and complete projects which are original and ambitious. Proposals may be a solo project, a partnership or a collaboration. Proposals are welcome in either English or Irish. The Town Hall Theatre will offer a minimum of one award of up to €10,000 and four awards of up to €5,000 each for the 2021 scheme. Applications may be made via the Town Hall Theatre website, the closing dates for applications is 15 May and formal offers will be made early June. In addition to the financial bursary, the award will include rehearsal/development space in the Town Hall Theatre and mentoring, as required and where possible. We envision that the successful applicants will develop their work within the Town Hall Theatre, and be supported by the organisation to bring their work to the next stage. This year’s awards have been made possible by support from the Arts Council.

The Town Hall Theatre is Galway’s premier performing arts venue, at the epicentre of Galway’s cultural activity and providing a platform and supportive environment for artists and arts organisations. These awards are part of a number of initiatives to encourage and support creative development for Galway artists, companies and producers and to assist with the creation of work by Galway artists in the performing arts; theatre, music and dance. Our doors may be closed to audiences for now, but The Town Hall Theatre will continue to support artists during this crisis, through a range of measures made possible by the generosity of our Patrons, the Arts Council and our valued audience.

The Town Hall Theatre online booking system now features a Patron Donation option and anyone who wishes to donate to the Awards can do so here - Town Hall Theatre this week appealed for support for the scheme and all income from donations received will be invested in the Awards. Town Hall Theatre wishes to thank everyone who has donated in recent months and looks forward to continued support for the development and creation of exciting work by artists in Galway in the future.

Conditions of funding for Patron Donation Award 2021

This award is made possible by the generous donations of Town Hall Theatre’s loyal patrons and supporters and the Arts Council.

The Town Hall Theatre anticipates a minimum of five awards, one of up to €10,000 and four awards of up to €5,000 each in 2021.

Artists, companies or producers are invited to submit an online application, which is available here and below.

Applications are open to artists, companies or producers based in Galway City and County.

Applications may be submitted in English or Irish.

A maximum of one application can be submitted by an applicant in 2021. Applicants and awardees from the 2020 Patron Donation Award scheme may submit applications for the 2021 scheme. Proposals will be assessed by an independent expert panel according to the criteria published below and applications will be shared with all panellists. The panel will make recommendations and their decision will be final; it will be made in a competitive context of limited resources.

Conditions will apply to funding offers including:

Depending on the amount awarded, funding will be drawn down in one or possibly two tranches, the first on formal acceptance of the award/start of the project and the final on completion of project. In the event that the work is being presented by the Town Hall Theatre, a small percentage of the funding may be withheld until a deal is in place. Town Hall Theatre reserves the right to withhold the final payment should the conditions not be met.

Key dates


Applications will be assessed according to the following 5 criteria:

Eligibility of Application - the application form is completed in appropriate detail and is submitted on time; that the proposal meets the aims of the Patron Donation Award including support of ambitious and original projects that can be brought to completion within 12-18 months.

Quality and Nature of Proposal - the excellence and originality of the project or piece of work being proposed in terms of theme or idea and/or in terms of formal approach. Town Hall Theatre is open to co-funding partners for projects.

Public Engagement - the quality and ambition of the project in its ability to connect to audiences.

Track Record of Artists Involved - the achievement to date of the individual maker or group of artists making the proposal and evidence of previous collaboration in the case of companies. Where applicants are considered to be “early-career”, letters of support/references can be supplied. Feasibility of the Proposal - demonstrable evidence of the following: that an award, if made, will allow for the significant development/completion of the proposed project or piece of work a credible project timeframe and budget capacity to deliver the project and to communicate and dialogue with Town Hall Theatre or its representatives. It will be a condition of funding that the artists and/or company has a nominated producer in place evidence (e.g., through letters of support) that any nominated collaborators or project partners including the producer are explicitly committed to the project an outline of how, after the completion of the work, it might be brought to the next stage of production/presentation.


Artists, companies or producers are invited to submit an application, which is available here. Please prepare the answers for your application form in advance and copy, paste or upload.

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