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Technical Specification of the Town Hall Theatre


Stage: 13.6m x 7.3m (9m with stage lift raised)
Pros: 10.56m x 5.4m
Height to grid: 11m
Pit: 8.7m x 6.8m (under stage)

Get in: 3.48m x 2.4m. Loading bay on street-restricted parking


Ground Floor: 266 seats (258 with sound desk in auditorium)
Balcony: 133 seats

4 dressing rooms available (8 persons each)(also share with studio auditorium if a show is on)

Cinema screen drops in directly behind pros (This cannot be moved)

PA Specification

Town Hall Theatre – PA System – updated 07 February 2014.

FOH PA System

2 x Electrovoice EVF 1151S subwoofer
2 x Electrovoice EVF 1122D Mid-Hi.

2 x Electrovoice EVF 1122D Mid-Hi.

1 x Electrovoice DX46 Loudspeaker Processor
2 x Electrovoice CPS 2.9 amplifier (Mid-Hi)
1 x Electrovoice CPS 2.12 amplifier (Sub-woofer)

Monitor System:
6 x Electrovoice TX1122FM stage monitor (12/1”; 90x50; 500w continuous)

2 x Electrovoice DC-One loudspeaker processor
2 x Electrovoice CPS 2.6 amplifier

1 x Yamaha LS9-32 digital console.

Denon CD player
Sony minidisk player

8 x sure SM58
8 x SM57
4 x SM 94 condenser
1 x Beta 52
6 x BSS AR-133 active DI box
8 x Tall boom stand
8 x short boom stand
2 x hand held radio mic
16 x 10m xlr 3
16 x 5m xlr3
2 x 15m 8ch stage box

24/8 way multi from stage to control room
Secondary mix position at rear of stalls
12 speaker outlets throughout auditorium

Lighting Specification

Arri smartrack 96 x 2.5kW : 6 x 5kW
12 on each bridge FOH + 2 x 5k
8 paired across FOH booms
50 over stage (10 paired with Bridge A)
12 dips on stage + 4 x 5k


8 x Source 4 15/30 750W zoom
6 x Source 4 25/50 750W zoom
10 x Source 4 36 575W c/w shutters
16 x Selecon 1200W fresnel c/w barn door
6 x Selecon Rama fresnels c/w barndoor
6 x Selecon 1200W PC c/w barn door
24 x par 64 (CP62)
12 x Selecon LUI floods (asymmetric)

lighting positions:
3 x FOH bridges
2 x FOH booms
4 x LX overhead

We also have a limited stock of boom arms, stands booms 15A cables.

Independent house light controller


2 ring master station
2 BP 511 belt pack & SMH 510 headset
4 x Clear-com DX210 wireless headset

Speaker relay to dressing rooms, green room and control room

3 way cue light system
CCTV link to DS left (prompt corner)
14” colour monitor

Flying facilities and drapes

12 x manual lift bars. Max load 100kg.
4 x motor controlled LX bars. Max load 250kg.
1 x white cyc 38’ x 20’
2 x full blacks 6m x 6m
8 x 2.5m x 7m legs
4 x 12m x 1.5m borders
12 x stage weight

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