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Technical Specification: Black Box Theatre



25m x 25m. All seating and staging fits within this space.


Retractable tiered seating 429 max. Loose seats at ground level can be added to a maximum capacity of 600. This will affect the size of the stage. Please consult with the technical manager before setting a seating capacity for your show.


36 no. 8' x 4' litedeck stage units c/w 40” legs.
8 x 8' handrails
10 x 4' handrails
2 x step units.

For stand up concerts a stage barrier may be required.


16 x 1 tonne lodestar chain hoists
2 x 8 ch controllers
26 x 3m slick litebeam
4 x corner block
4 x t-piece
6 x 6m bars


ETC element 40/250
96 ETC smartfade dimmers
16 x ETC source 4 15/30 zoom
6 x ETC source 4 25/50 zoom
20 x Selecon compact 1200W fresnels c/w barn door
20 x Par 64 (CP62)
10 x 140m socapex multicore
10 x 20m socapex multicore
20x 30m socapex multicore
16 x socapex plug spider 15A
16 x socapex socket spider 15A


4 x EM Acoustics R8 1500w 2x8" / 1x4" / 2.5" 3 way loudspeaker
2 x EM Acoustics S18 Single 18" Subwoofer 40-150hz
2 x EM Acoustics DQ10 4 x 2500w@4ohms Loudspeaker Amplifier/Processor
2 x EM Acoustics M12 12" / 1.4" 600w Monitor
2 x EM Acoustics FCR8v Flying Cradle
1 x Allen and Heath Mixwizard 16:2
2 x LM15 wedges
1 x EVP 1200 amp for monitors


4 x 5m x 7.9m black serge wool drapes. Permanent at back of stage
6 x 3m x7.4m legs
2 x 8m x 7.4m full blacks
2 x 5m x 7.4m pros blacks
4 x 7.5m x 1.2m border
3 x 15m x 1.2m border
1 x 18m x 1.2m border


Tecpro PS751 power supply
3 x SMH510 headset
3 x BP511 beltpack

Dressing rooms

2 x dressing rooms (8 person max) leading directly into auditorium. There is no stage door access.


1 x zarge ladder
1 x tallescope ladder

Genie MEWP - Only suitably qualified operators may use this machinery.

Get in

Get in through roller doors 3.56m (w) by 3.92m (h).

Please note that this access is sometimes blocked by seating.

Alternative get in through storeroom 1.66m (w) by 2.10m (h)


Venue Director - Fergal McGrath 091 569 755
Peter Ashton - Technical Manager 087 2303 505