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Lives In Translation

O'Donoghue Centre

Written by Rosemary Jenkinson
Directed by Paula McFetridge
Cast: Raquel McKee, Julie Maxwell and Tony Flynn

Lives in Translation celebrates the human survival instinct through the story of one woman; who in fleeing conflict becomes trapped in a different struggle. She is trapped within the suffocating bureaucracy of the asylum system.

“This important issue is presented by Kabosh in mixed media documentary style, sensitively directed by Paula McFetridge”
– The Stage

Written by Rosemary Jenkinson and based on interviews with female Somali asylum seekers, Lives in Translation follows a journey from Mogadishu to Dublin, Belfast to London, as one woman’s fight for a life free from constant fear.

“This simple but powerful drama explores the asylum industry, where the future is determined by interpreters, and Hope is dashed in transit”
– Belfast Telegraph

“Lives in Translation is sharp and an international look at the appalling situation of those asylum seeking”
– Irish News


€16 / €14


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