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THEATRE 2019 Shakespeare Sessions 19th - 20th Mar
THEATRE Woolly's Quest 21st - 23rd Mar Buy
THEATRE Bull 21st - 23rd Mar Buy
MUSIC Emily Anderson Memorial Concert 21st Mar Buy
COMEDY Des Bishop - Take The Points 22nd - 23rd Mar Buy
THEATRE Menopause: The Musical 26th - 27th Mar Buy
THEATRE Grand 27th - 30th Mar Buy
MUSIC The West End in Concert 28th Mar Buy
THEATRE What’s The Story Rory 29th Mar Buy
TALK Ricky Tomlinson 30th Mar Buy
THEATRE Marcin Daniec 30th Mar Buy
THEATRE The Harvest 2nd Apr Buy
MUSIC Nando Reis in Concert - Voz e Violão 2nd Apr Buy
COMEDY Gleebag 3rd Apr Buy
MUSIC Finbar Furey 4th - 05th Apr Buy
MUSIC RTE National Symphony Orchestry 4th Apr Buy
THEATRE Furniture 5th - 06th Apr Buy
DANCE A Dance Sensation 7th Apr Buy
FESTIVAL Cúirt 2019 8th - 14th Apr
THEATRE A Day In May 9th Apr Buy
MUSIC Gone 11th Apr Buy
COMEDY Owen Colgan: The Woke Tour 12th Apr Buy
DANCE Ruby Ball 12th Apr Buy
MUSIC Legally Blonde, The Sound of Music, OMG Disney 15th - 19th Apr Buy
MUSIC Last Words: Music for Good Friday 19th Apr Buy
THEATRE The Country Girls 23rd - 27th Apr Buy
THEATRE Dreamgun Film Reads: Jurassic Park 27th Apr Buy
MUSIC Keywest 27th Apr Buy
THEATRE Feel The Rhythm 28th Apr Buy
THEATRE Ruby Wax - How to be Human 30th Apr Buy
THEATRE Spotless 2nd May Buy
MUSIC Thomas Hart Middle School 3rd May
MUSIC The Legend of Luke Kelly 4th May Buy
MUSIC Our House 7th - 11th May Buy
MUSIC Johnny Duhan - The Voyage 8th May Buy
THEATRE Haughey | Gregory 9th May Buy
MUSIC Stockton’s Wing - A Retrospective 10th May Buy
DANCE Virtually Perfect 11th May Buy
MUSIC RTÉ Adventure Screen Classics 11th May Buy
MUSIC The Speks 12th May Buy
FILM Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 13th May Buy
THEATRE Pumpgirl 14th May Buy
TALK Narcos 15th May Buy
THEATRE The Man In The Woman's Shoes 16th May Buy
THEATRE I Hear you and Rejoice 17th May Buy
THEATRE James Fleming The Squares 17th May Buy
MUSIC Don Baker Band 18th May Buy
COMEDY Stewart Francis - Into the Punset 19th May Buy
THEATRE WOYZECK 20th - 22nd May Buy
THEATRE Smallone 23rd May Buy
THEATRE Dirtbirds 24th May Buy
MUSIC Sharon Carty: Suitcase Arias 24th May Buy
DANCE Showcase 2019 Movies & Musicals 25th May Buy
THEATRE Hedy! The Life & Inventions Of Hedy Lamarr 29th May Buy
THEATRE Joxer Daly Esq 30th May Buy
THEATRE Living On The East Side 31st May Buy
EXHIBITION Circus Gala Show 1st Jun Buy
DANCE SL Dance Technics Annual Showcase 2019 1st - 02nd Jun Buy
TALK Inside Making A Murderer 2 7th Jun Buy
MUSIC Simply the Best! 7th Jun Buy
MUSIC Route 66 Big Band Live in Concert 8th Jun Buy
THEATRE The Thing About December 13th - 22nd Jun Buy
MUSIC It's a Jungle Out There 15th Jun Buy
THEATRE VLOGGER 20th - 22nd Jun Buy
THEATRE Stageschool Ireland Charity Gala 22nd Jun Buy
DANCE Get Up and Dance 23rd Jun Buy
THEATRE Before 27th Jun Buy
THEATRE Nine Months 27th - 28th Jun Buy
THEATRE The Matchmaker 28th - 29th Jun Buy
Select Type Club Tropicana 28th Jun Buy
MUSIC Poetic Fantasy 5th Jul Buy
MUSIC Richard Thompson 13th Aug Buy
COMEDY David O'Doherty 13th - 14th Sep Buy
THEATRE Griselda 12th Oct Buy
MUSIC Wallis Bird 23rd Nov Buy
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