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THEATREWaiting For Godot22nd Feb - 03rd MarBuy
THEATRELives In Translation4th MarBuy
DANCEThe Royal Moscow Ballet presents Sleeping Beauty4th Mar
FESTIVALCoirm Gael Linn5th - 06th Mar
MUSICDonna Taggart - Jealous Of The Angels6th MarBuy
FILMIrish Film Adventure Tour7th MarBuy
MUSICJohnny McEvoy8th MarBuy
MUSICGwendolyn Masin and her Origin Ensemble9th MarBuy
MUSICThe Man In Black - Johnny Cash Tribute9th MarBuy
FILMFresh Film Festival 20189th Mar
COMEDYJason Byrne - The Man With Three Brains10th MarBuy
THEATRESister Act13th - 18th MarBuy
THEATREGrief Is The Thing With Feathers16th - 24th Mar
THEATRE2018 Shakespeare Sessions20th - 21st Mar
COMEDYFoil, Arms & Hog - Oink!22nd - 24th Mar
THEATRETrading Faces Stage School26th - 30th MarBuy
MUSICFilius Meus - Music For Good Friday30th MarBuy
MUSICThe Legend Of Luke Kelly31st MarBuy
THEATREAndy Kirkpatrick - Psychovertical: A Higher Education3rd AprBuy
MUSICJack L: Magic Days - Magic Nights5th AprBuy
THEATRETóraíocht10th AprBuy
MUSICRTE National Symphony Orchestra12th AprBuy
THEATREThe Loves of Cass McGuire12th - 14th AprBuy
THEATREHere All Night - The Sound Of Beckett16th AprBuy
THEATREFrom Under The Bed17th AprBuy
COMEDYMilton Jones is Out There18th AprBuy
MUSICG4 Live19th AprBuy
COMEDYConal Gallen - Suckin' Diesel20th AprBuy
THEATREThe Importance Of Nothing23rd AprBuy
THEATREPeppa Pig's Adventure25th - 26th AprBuy
MUSICPlay it Again - Conversation in Concert28th AprBuy
MUSICAlbert Lee1st MayBuy
THEATREThe Hired Man1st - 06th MayBuy
THEATREMaz And Bricks3rd MayBuy
MUSICLadies In The Blues4th MayBuy
MUSICMary Black5th MayBuy
MUSICFinbar Furey - Don't Stop Me Now Tour12th MayBuy
THEATREBosco's Garden & Hansel And Gretel13th MayBuy
THEATREThe 10 Dark Secrets of 179815th MayBuy
FILMBanff Mountain Film Festival16th MayBuy
MUSICRebecca O'Connor - Tina18th MayBuy
MUSICKing Kong Company19th MayBuy
THEATREDancing At Lughnasa24th - 26th MayBuy
MUSICThe Piper and the Faerie Queen25th MayBuy
DANCEGenevieve Ryan Dance Academy27th MayBuy
MUSICHennessy - A Tribute To Christie13th JunBuy
THEATREForbidden Nights14th JunBuy
COMEDYKevin McAleer - Guru16th JunBuy
THEATREScaramouche Jones21st JunBuy
MUSICOrfeo Ed Euridice23rd - 29th JulBuy
THEATREJimmy's Hall11th - 15th SepBuy
COMEDYJason Manford - Muddle Class25th SepBuy
MUSICThe Tales of Hoffmann2nd OctBuy
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