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MUSIC Midwinter Festival: Swansong 18th - 20th Jan Buy
FILM Death In Venice 20th Jan Buy
MUSIC Back to the Eighties 23rd - 25th Jan Buy
COMEDY Chris Kent - Looking Up 24th Jan Buy
THEATRE Crowman 24th Jan Buy
FILM SUBTITLE 25th - 27th Jan
COMEDY Jes Rowing Comedy Night 25th Jan Buy
THEATRE Fly me to the Moon 29th Jan Buy
COMEDY Alison Spittle Makes a Show of Herself 31st Jan Buy
DANCE Forbidden Nights 1st Feb Buy
MUSIC A Viennese Strauss Gala 1st Feb Buy
MUSIC Flash Harry A Celebration of Queen Live 2nd Feb Buy
MUSIC Lendvai Trio 3rd Feb Buy
THEATRE This is the Funeral of your Life 5th Feb Buy
THEATRE Pippin The Musical 5th - 09th Feb Buy
TALK TEDxGalway 7th Feb Buy
MUSIC Derek Ryan 8th Feb Buy
MUSIC Bell X1 9th Feb
THEATRE Wake 12th - 16th Feb Buy
THEATRE Port Authority 12th - 16th Feb Buy
COMEDY Foil Arms & Hog - Craicling 14th - 16th Feb Buy
THEATRE On Blueberry Hill 18th Feb Buy
MUSIC Eddi Reader 19th Feb Buy
MUSIC Quartetto di Venezia 20th Feb Buy
COMEDY Gearóid Farrelly 21st Feb Buy
THEATRE Keith Barry - Deception 21st - 23rd Feb Buy
THEATRE 3 Hail Mary’s 21st - 23rd Feb Buy
DANCE Swan Lake 24th Feb Buy
THEATRE Apoptosis 25th - 28th Feb Buy
THEATRE Postcards From the Ledge 25th - 28th Feb Buy
COMEDY A Night of Stand Up Comedy 1st Mar Buy
MUSIC A Vision of Elvis 1st Mar Buy
MUSIC Cellissimo Fundraising Gala 1st Mar
MUSIC Breathe - The Pink Floyd Experience 2nd Mar Buy
THEATRE Bosco's Garden and Snow White 3rd Mar Buy
THEATRE Ireland's Call 4th Mar Buy
THEATRE Rapids 6th Mar Buy
THEATRE The 39 Steps 6th - 09th Mar Buy
COMEDY Kevin McGahern 7th Mar Buy
THEATRE Wit 8th - 09th Mar Buy
COMEDY Jason Byrne 9th Mar Buy
MUSIC Footloose The Musical 12th - 16th Mar Buy
FILM Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2019 13th Mar
COMEDY The 2 Johnnies: Get Loose 15th Mar Buy
THEATRE 2019 Shakespeare Sessions 19th - 20th Mar
THEATRE Woolly's Quest 21st - 23rd Mar Buy
THEATRE Bull 21st - 23rd Mar Buy
MUSIC Emily Anderson Memorial Concert 21st Mar Buy
COMEDY Des Bishop - Take The Points 22nd - 23rd Mar Buy
THEATRE Menopause: The Musical 26th - 27th Mar Buy
THEATRE Grand 27th - 30th Mar Buy
MUSIC The West End in Concert 28th Mar Buy
THEATRE What’s The Story Rory 29th Mar Buy
TALK Ricky Tomlinson 30th Mar Buy
THEATRE Marcin Daniec 30th Mar Buy
THEATRE The Harvest 2nd Apr Buy
COMEDY Gleebag 3rd Apr Buy
MUSIC Finbar Furey 4th - 05th Apr Buy
MUSIC RTE National Symphony Orchestry 4th Apr Buy
THEATRE Furniture 5th - 06th Apr Buy
MUSIC Gone 11th Apr Buy
MUSIC Last Words: Music for Good Friday 19th Apr Buy
THEATRE The Country Girls 23rd - 27th Apr Buy
THEATRE Ruby Wax - How to be Human 30th Apr Buy
MUSIC The Legend of Luke Kelly 4th May Buy
MUSIC RTÉ Adventure Screen Classics 11th May Buy
FILM Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 13th May Buy
COMEDY Stewart Francis - Into the Punset 19th May Buy
THEATRE Dirtbirds 24th May Buy
MUSIC Sharon Carty: Suitcase Arias 24th May Buy
TALK Inside Making A Murderer 2 8th Jun Buy
THEATRE The Matchmaker 28th - 29th Jun Buy
COMEDY David O'Doherty 13th - 14th Sep Buy
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